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Herbal Medecine

Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease and the promotion of health.  Modern herbal medicine combines traditional knowledge with contemporary holistic medicine, giving an approach to healing and health that is gentle, natural and sustainable, working with the body to achieve this perfect balance. Medical herbalists are trained in western medicine, pathology and diagnosis, underpinned by traditional herbal philosophy, giving them a holistic approach to the evaluation and treatment of ill health. The underlying cause of the problem is sought, and once identified it is this that is treated rather than the symptoms alone.

The first consultation takes about an hour, changes in diet and lifestyle are often recommended and herbs are prescribed to help restore the balance of the body. Herbs may be prescribed as tinctures (a blend of herbal extracts in alcohol and water), capsules, teas, cream or lotions and are easy to take. The second appointment may follow in two weeks and subsequent ones occurring monthly. Herbal medicine can work incredibly quickly, it is amazing how quickly people can feel better and forget about their original complaints.

Medical herbalists work with all ages, from pre-conception and pregnancy to birth, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Herbal medicine treats the whole person and is appropriate for many conditions such as digestive and circulatory problems, skin complaints, sleep problems, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal problems, respiratory conditions and much more. 

Our medical herbalist Lucy Vertue qualified from the School of Phytotherapy in 2000 she often combines herbal medicine with craniosacral therapy

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