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Healing Crystal Bracelet to Relieve Migraines, Headaches & Vertigo


Lapis Lazuli balances all Chakra’s & cleanses aura.  Relieves pain and reduces symptoms of nausea and vertigo. 

Clear Quartz is a master healer, aids recovery of the mind.  Opens all of our chakras, but especially the Crown chakra, the epicentre of headaches.  

Rose Quartz clears tensions and soothes the pain of headache and migraine’s.  It’s loving energy connects to your heart chakra and promotes feelings of love and compassion.

Amethyst stone of the mind, releases stress, tension & soothes headaches.  Shifts energy blockages in the body that could be causing pain.

Selenite is a master at unclogging any stagnant energies, and typically headaches are all about blocked energies.

Crystal Bracelet - Migraine & Vertigo support

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