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Psychic Protection - SAFE - Protect yourself from negative energies


An Essence is a blessed energy drink believed to contain the vibratory signature of one or more Flowers, Gemstones or Elements of nature. This essence is believed to contain the energetic vibration of Ancient Yew, Daisy, Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress and Wintergreen.

In Marion's Handbook she states; "Feel calm and centred by creating a safe space within you, and around you. Psychic protection can help in detaching from negative thought forms or energies when you feel vulnerable, or in overwhelming situations or environments." This was Marion's unique, personal belief.



This is a natural room mist of aromatic waters blessed with the energetic imprints of nature. Spray in the four sacred directions of the room you wish to clear and bless. 

* Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
! Do not ingest or apply to skin.

Nature Spirits Limited T/A Findhorn Flower Essences. Company Registration number: 203950.

Nature Spirits Room Mists are made at the Forres Enterprise Park, Forres, Moray, IV36 2AU, Scotland.

UK 3303.09.9000
HS 3303.00.0000

Psychic Protection, Mist & Essence Duo

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