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Energy Shield Combination Essence is for protecting yourself from energy that may affect you detrimentally whether that be from other people or certain situations.


Energy Shield is effective for very empathetic people who soak up the mood and feelings of others around them. It can reduce vulnerability to other people’s emotions and create a shield to preserve your own energy. It also useful in busy work places.


The flower essences in this combination essence foster a sense of inner peace and strengthen inner defences. The gem essence of diamond is for invincibility and the elemental essences of air, earth, ether, fire and water stabilise the chakra system.


Energy Shield Combination Essence contains the energetic vibrations of Scottish Primrose, Watercress, Wild Pansy, Wintergreen, Diamond, Air, Earth, Ether, Fire and Water.


It is especially effective in supporting the solar plexus chakra.



This is for oral consumption.

This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.


ENERGY SHIELD - Flower Essence Drops

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