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Femininity Combination Essence is a vital support for women’s issues and cycles such as menopause, premenstrual tension and more.


Femininity is beneficial for mood swings associated with the female menstrual cycle and for releasing associated tension and pain. It is also useful during hormonal changes such as menopause when mood and energy levels can be low and anxiety can be high. It can also address emotional and physical fatigue associated with female cycles and changes to restore emotional wellbeing.


Femininity is also helpful for accepting the feminine within and can allow us to feel more relaxed about ourselves and our bodies and embrace self-acceptance to feel more peaceful.


The flower essences in this combination essence can help release tension and restore emotional balance. 


Femininity Combination Essence contains the energetic vibrations of Balsam, Holy Thorn, Elder, Sea Rocket, Scottish Primrose, Sycamore, Rowan and Lady’s Mantle  to enhance feelings of self-love, vitality, relaxation and inner peace.


It is especially effective in supporting the sacral chakra.



This is for oral consumption.

This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.


FEMININITY - Flower Essence Drops

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