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Holy Grail Combination Essence can help bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul.


Holy Grail can allow you to express your full creative potential by embracing your intuition with no reservations. It allows you to take charge of your personal power so that you can express yourself in words and actions with integrity and self-belief. It can enhance your vitality for life and allow you to feel very deeply connected to your body, mind and spirit.


Holy Grail Combination Essence contains the energetic vibrations of Balsam, Lady’s Mantle, Rose Alba and Globethistle and promotes a sense of feeling whole and full of vitality.


It is especially effective in supporting the crown chakra and is ideal for anyone seeking a deep spiritual connection.



This is for oral consumption.

This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.


HOLY GRAIL - Flower Essence Drops

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