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Masculinity Combination Essence is for discovering the secret of your masculine side.


It can work in various ways for different people with different purposes. It can help to release the burdens of being caught in a traditional masculine role with expectations of being strong and having a sense of duty to feeling more vulnerable and fearless in expressing yourself.

It can also enable you to communicate with more clarity and sensitivity and allow you to release a feeling of responsibility for others. Masculinity is also beneficial for bringing together the masculine and feminine in each of us so that we feel whole and less suppressed and therefore able to reveal our masculine and feminine sides without the worry of judgement.


Masculinity is ideal for anyone who feels stuck in a role or carrying a sense of responsibility and is looking to engage in a deeper understanding of themselves.


Masculinity Combination Essence contains the energetic vibrations of Cabbage, Globethistle, Gras of Parnassus, Holy Thorn, Lime, Rose Alba and Sea Holly which combine to give inner strength to free yourself from duty, responsibility and expectations so you can be more open to vulnerability, sensitivity and self-acceptance.


It is effective in supporting the sacral chakra.



This is for oral consumption.

This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.


MASCULINITY - Flower Essence Drops

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