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Tending the Garden of Your Soul

Every single human being is searching for meaning, belonging, peace, love, and joy in their lives. The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle will help you remember the simple truth that all of Nature is sharing - that we are cycling beings, intimately entwined with the earth, the moon, and all of life; that we are fully supported; and that we have everything we need within us to be happy and to be whole, despite the hardships and challenges life may bring us.

The 44 Soulflower Plant Spirits want us to consider the possibility that our stories, our experiences, our circumstances, and our core beliefs, values, and morals all provide the rich soil for the beautiful unfolding of our own unique lives. It is food for our thoughts, fuel for self-reflection, and fertiliser for our ultimate personal growth. The truth, like a seed waiting to germinate, can only be found within your own heart, and there is no one better qualified to nurture it than you. This deck will serve as your trusted companion in learning to live your life guided by the wisdom of your own heart and soul.

Pack Information: 44 Cards & 176 Page Guidebook


Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Cards - Lisa Estabrook

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